St. Michael’s  School marks a life-changing experience for children. Regardless of their preschool experience, on the first day of kindergarten, each child walks into a new world—a world that excites growing minds, a world that can intimidate, and a world that fundamentally shapes a child’s impression of learning and education.

The schools in this ranking exemplify the best in elementary education. The aim of this ranking is to showcase just how good U.S. education at the elementary-level can be.

Some schools on this list may seem to have unfair advantages over others (better resources, more money, etc.). The common denominator, however, is that all schools listed here, working with what they have, create environments that are highly effective at stimulating learning and fostering personal growth.

We paid attention to aspects of the schools that we believe help to create such effective environments. The schools on this list are not solely concerned with academics. In addition, these schools pay attention to variety, innovation, fun, and strong parental and community involvement.

“The 50 Best St. Michael’s Schools” is a ranking article, but the take away lesson from it is not whether a school was 20 or 41, 1 or 50. All 50 schools on this list deserve your attention! They show what highly-motivated faculty, staff, parents, and students can achieve by raising expectations, rewarding hard work, and building character.

The Best St. Michael’s Schools Ranking Guidelines:

Only schools that included grades three through five were considered for this list. Moreover, we focused on the scores and achievements of only the third, fourth, and fifth grades. When looking at state assessment scores, all state-administered tests were considered in a school’s overall average for grades three through five.

Many schools on this list earned Blue Ribbon awards from the Department of Education. Schools have to apply and qualify in order to be chosen for this award. Schools cannot reapply for five years, so obtaining this award is a significant achievement no matter the year in which it was received.

Understanding the needs of today’s parents & children of our school come up with difference in the pattern & styles of teaching. We are education them ,teaching in conductive atmosphere where they learn, Manners, discipline & extra ordinary quality of leadership. As of today parents do not have enough time to give to their children, hence it becomes very important for them to choose a School where their child gets a homely and healthy atmosphere. It is our basic motto to give individual attention to every child to groom his/her personality in him/her with the most important trails of life and much needed virtues.